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An Energy Audit Can Keep You Comfortable…

If you  in your home and losing money on home heating and cooling in Columbus OH and surrounding areas, Westoff Services can quickly solve your problems.  Often times when a homeowner or a business owner think they need “new insulation”, what they really need is an Energy Audit to determine the real reason behind their energy loss.

Westoff is a RESNET Certified Home Energy Rater. As a Rater, we are accredited through RESNET (Residential Energy Service Network) to perform energy analysis of homes (new and pre-built) and to qualify homes that meet the EPA’s Energy STAR Certification. For new contruction Westoff Services can qualify homes for the IECC (International Energy Compliance Code) $2,000.00 Tax Credit.

For homebuilders, Westoff can do consultation at pre-construction and during current construction to help ensure the home is energy effecient.

For homeowners we can inspect your home and tell you exactly what needs to be done to keep you comfortable. If you have areas of your home that are too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, we can fix that. If you have high heating and cooling bills, we can fix that.

Westoff Services provides Energy Inspections for your home.

Our goal is to increase your comfort and reduce your energy costs.

We offer three different levels of inspections to satisfy your particular needs.

LEVEL 1: A visual inspection of the entire home. From attic to basement and everything in between. This inspection equips the homeowner with a quick over-view of possible areas of improvement and savings.

Exterior Inspection

This inspection focuses on airflow penetrations that are visually identifiable from the outside of the home.

Area around home:

  • shading
  • location of other buildings
  • home orientation
  • surrounding topography

Roof / Roof Line:

  • vents
  • gables
  • overhangs
  • chimneys

Exterior Walls

  • vents
  • windows
  • framing
  • band board
  • sill plate
  • porches
  • doors
  • any outside structure attached to the home
  • exterior lighting or other electrical usage

Interior Inspection

This inspection focuses on airflow penetrations, and insulation issues, that are visually identifiable from inside the home.


  • insulation type and depth
  • venting to the outside
  • eves

Main Living Areas

  • windows
  • supply and return vents
  • mechanical ventilation
  • doors
  • wall insulation (if accessible)
  • lighting
  • appliances
  • mechanicals (furnace, hot water tank, A/C unit)
  • supplemental heating and cooling
  • vents to exterior
  • personal / family usage habits (heating / cooling / hot water / lighting)

LEVEL II: A whole home inspection of air penetrations into the home. Using a Blower Door and a Thermal Camera, a room-by-room inspection is conducted to identify all areas where heating/cooling loss occur. Detailed report listing all areas of air leakage and suggested remedies provided. This includes a visual survey of the homes duct system as well as the mechanical systems. This inspection includes everything listed for Level I.

LEVEL III: Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating Standards (HERS)

This level is established by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) and the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO).

This Level of service includes everything listed for Levels I and II, but goes much further in providing you with a detailed analysis of your homes energy consumption. All of your homes details (measurements, specifications, utility bills, occupant habits) are entered into our software system. Our software system can then tell us precisely where your energy losses are occurring, why it is occurring, and what can stop it from occurring.

Level III provides you with a detailed ‘Cost Benefit Analysis’ of any improvements that could be made to save you money or increase your comfort. We show you how and if any improvements will save you money and how long those improvements will take to pay for themselves.

This level of service will provide you with the proper documentation for qualifying the home for Energy Star, Home Energy Mortgage, Energy Improvement Loan, or Energy Efficiency Tax Credit.

If you are interested in our ResCheck service, please fill out our form.